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Top 5 Weekend Activities To Indulge In Hopkins, Mn



The suburban city of Hopkins is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States of America. About  98% of this city is developed with little remaining unoccupied land. It has a total area of 4.11sq mi with dry land covering a larger portion of 4.08sq mi and water body running into a little portion of 0.03sq mi. Hopkins has an elevation point of 1,030ft, area code 952, population of 18,105 and population density of 4,300/sq mi. This city is not known for boredom as it houses many social places where social activities take place. Incase you visit Hopkins, MN, the following are the top 5 weekend activities you can indulge in there:


Samba Taste Of Brazil: A visit to this beautiful Brazilian restaurant to have a taste of delicious traditional Brazilian meal is a great way to spend your weekend in Hopkins. It can be found in 922 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN.


Shopping: Take a ride to any shopping center of your choice in the city of Hopkins to purchase your needed goods at reasonable price and in a beautiful setting.

Pool: Visit any hotel of your choice with this facility to cool down your body in the warm summer weather. A visit to the pool will be more memorable with your loved ones.


Helicopter Ride: A tour around this city in a guided helicopter ride is another amazing way to have a great weekend there.


Shady Oak Beach: This community beach allows you to swim and also perform a high dive. It features playground, concessions and volleyball. This is one of the best place to spend your weekend in the city ofHopkins, MN.

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